Neighbourhood Watch

Your local NHW coordinator is Clare Cuckson– her address email is

Please contact Clare if you would like to join the scheme.  Members who provide their name & email address will become members of the Weekley NHW scheme and will receive future email alerts from Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Watch providing the latest concerns and scams facing the public


The Objectives of the Neighbourhood Watch Network are to promote, for the benefit of the public, good citizenship, increased public participation in the prevention and detection of crime, reduced fear of crime, improved police and community liaison, and increased public and community safety and resilience, in partnership with recognised local authorities and other relevant organisations.

Activities & partnerships

Traditionally, Neighbourhood Watch activities have focused on the immediate vicinity of homes, with members looking out for anything suspicious and helping their neighbours. However, more and more schemes are broadening their work to target a range of other problems such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism and graffiti. When links are made with other local schemes and wider alliances are formed, the membership can become a powerful voice within a community and get actively involved in problem-solving.

Neighbourhood Watch is well-known to help reduce burglary, anti-social behaviour, doorstep crime and environmental problems. But criminals are no longer constrained by geographical boundaries, and in recent years there has been a steady rise in fraud and cybercrime. Neighbourhood Watch is in a strong position to help tackle this kind of crime as well, by being a trusted source of information and support for people within their communities and keeping their eyes open for those who might be vulnerable. Victims of fraud and cybercrime might be embarrassed to confide in their families, or worry about losing their independence, and may not know that a crime has been committed or feel that they can’t report it to the police. This is where Neighbourhood Watch members and coordinators can help.