Weekley Parish Council

The council meets 4 times a year. Notices and other matters of interest are posted on the Notice Board or residents informed via leaflet drop. Minutes of the meetings and other useful information can be found on the website, or by contacting the Clerk

The areas of responsibility only extend to Chairman .  There are no sub committees

Meet your Councillors!

Parish Councillors

Matt Tartaglia   (Chairman)           tartagliamatt20@gmail.com

Mark Hales                                            mark1hales@tiscali.co.uk

Clare Cuckson                                     clare.cuckson@icloud.com

Mike Smith                                            mike@jamjr.co.uk

Sam Rees                                               srees@buccleuch.com

If you wish to raise anything concerning the Village, please contact one of the above or the Clerk

Clerk to the Council       

Ruby Cole        clerkweekleypc@gmail.com     07881 458801 / 01604 781834

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